textbox issue

This is one of the main headache iam facing from past 10 days i don’t know whether ican do this or not but please help me if some one knows

I have created a table with 5 fields and entered some records and i have created a form on that table .

Now what i neede is to first set lookup for first textbox which i have got but from lookup if i select another record that details are not updating in next textboxes.

For example, if we change customer no from customer table on form all other details like address,contact etc changes with that change how to perform that action

please help me thanks in advance

Hi Veda,

Field lookups only works on that field. You will have to copy in the details from the customer to your table via code. Look at how the sales header works (table 36) - look at the onvalidate trigger of “Sell-to Customer No.”