Text variable with Length more than syze 1000

Icreated a New cvariable Type Text Syze 1000. But my variable can be more than 1000, so im my reportsection variable I activate Property Multiline = Yes. But the result is not Ok. I still have my variable result cut, i can not see all variavle contents…


If the size is 1000 - how can you have you variable be more than 1000? or are you talking data.
anywho, what are you expecting from multiline? are you expecting that if it reached the end it will create another line?

That’s kind-o-true but it’s only within it’s own box. so you need to make your box not only long buy wide too.

Try it and you’ll see your text wrap.

Text Type is up to 1000, but my variable is more than 1000. So if varibel is bigger than 1000 I want to see on next line box. I have my box not only big but also higt. I have Width =23850 and Higth = 1269 :(.