Text under button

How can I have a button with text underneath?

I need to have MultiLine for the text (not supported in the Button)

What are you trying to achieve here? Do you just need to specify what the function of that button is, in that case , you can use Tool Tip for that.

Hi Colin,

actually I think we did this once together. Its one of those things that takes hours of messing about with properties, and parentcontrls and stuff, and once you have it worked out the first time, takes about 15 secondes the second time. Let me search through some dbs, and find the objects whcih I will upload.

Basically its something like how the Comments button works (on Items customers etc) The issue being how to make sure that the button is “on top”. Becuase default is that the caption is on top, so when you click the button nothing happens.

This is exactly the problem
I have one of the comments screwed up on a form right now, even copied from another and cannot get the command button to be ‘on top’.

The problem with the text in the command button, it will not wrap, so you have to have a very wide button or have some text alongside, not ideal.

use Tools - Send to Back / Bring to Front in design mode and it should work.


Not Sure what you are referring to, could you check as there is nothing in Tools such as Front back option. Would not expect it there anyway.

In 4.0 there are options in “Format” toolbar.
Bring-to Front
Send-to Back.

That toolbar appears only in designer mode.

As you know you do not have the MultiLine Property for a bottom so you will have to be creative to create one. Navision has done something similarly on the Customer Card with the Comments bottom. They are there showing a picture on the bottom. They are actual showing the picture behind the bottom and have made the bottom BackTransparent. To create a bottom with two text line you will have to do the following.

  1. Create a bottom and a TextBox
  2. Set Caption = ‘’, ShowCaption = No, BackTransparent = Yes for the bottom.
  3. Set Focusable = No, Border = No, BackColor = 14933984 (or the back color of the form), BackTransparent = Yes, MultiLine = Yes SourceExpr = YourVariable for the TextBox
  4. Place the textbox on top on the Bottom
  5. With the textbox marked select the function Format → Sent to back

The bottom will not look like a normal bottom but I think this is the closest you can get (I can’t show you as I can’t attach pictures).



Thanks, just got on to the client site and found the Format Brin to Front etc.

Works a treat.

The textbox has all the description and multiline.