text compare tool for chinese

i am current doing some merging, but because the original object CaptionML was modified to include some chinese character, thus when i did the merging in beyond compare tool I was unable to view the chinese characters. Anyone can suggest a better tool?

You need to use the Upgrade tool kit avaliable for NAV, you can approach you partner for that.

Hi Nikeman,

Whenever I compare objects which have different languages, especially if the new, old and customized versions does not have the same languages installed, then I always start by removing these languages. You can do this from Tools → Language Model → Export. Remember to select/mark all the objects first.

After you have exported and deleted the languages (never remove ENU) then it’s much easier to compare.

And when it comes to compare, then I can suggest that you use something like Mergetool.com instead of Beyond Compare, if you are merging more than just a few objects.

hi eric,

thanks for your replying, when i did the export objects left with enu only, thats perfect.

however after completed merging can i reimport all captionml back?

when i tried to import language module it doesn’t work [:(]


hi akhilesh,

i cant find your reply…


When you reimport the language file then you have to do the same as when you exported. You need to mark/select all the objects first. This is a feature which allows you only to import the language to the objects you want.