Hi all! Well, I know that a Text/Code-String is an Array-of-Chars, so that one can assign

TextVar[i] := CharVar

or that I can access each single letter of a string, e.g. TextVar := ‘Hello’ so TextVar[1] is ‘H’. But now I want to create an Array-of-Textstrings [:0] I tried this:

Global ItemNoVar, Code20, **Dimensions 10**
ItemNoVar[1] := '1234ABC';
ItemNoVar[2] := '5678DEF';

When running this an ERROR occurs ("… Char ← Text …"). I also tried it with 2 Dimensions - not successfull, yet. Any ideas [?] Thanx, Jörg

works without any error (Navi 2.6): Global ItemNoVar, Code, 20 ItemNoVar[1] := ‘1234ABC’; ItemNoVar[2] := ‘5678DEF’; MESSAGE(ItemNoVar[1] + ’ ’ + ItemNoVar[2]);

Jörg: Works without any error in Navi 3.10 too. Maybe you wanted to say this: In a single TextVar you can address a single char by just doing this TextVar := ‘Donaudampfschifffahrtskapitän’; CharVar := TextVar [ 4 ]; Message CharVar shows “a”. Textvar as an array of 10: TextVar [ 1 ] := ‘Donaudampfschifffahrtskapitän Müller’; TextVar [ 2 ] := ‘Donaudampfschifffahrtskapitän Meyer’; … Now you want to address the 32th character in Textvar [ 1 ] which should result in an “ü”, right? Regards Alarich

Jörg, assignment to the array’s components works fine on my 2.6 - however, “double indexing” (i.e. ItemNoVar[1][3]) to retrieve single characters gives an error. You need to assign ItemNoVar[1] to an intermediate variable of Code20, of which you can then take element [3].

[:I] Thanx all … Tried it again … works fine … Don’t know what was wrong ??? Confused, Jörg