Text Box not accepting ZERO(0) at beggining in Navision

Hi Everyone,

In Navision,

can you please suggest me,how to print zero in beginning of the text box i,e(0987654353).actually the text box not accepting the zero at first.for this instance,is there ant alternate onfo, please me replay to my post

thanking you…

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Are you getting any error message?

Thank you Mohana for your reply.

But i am not getting any error,for example in the customer card when i enter a CVC No that starts with zero (i.e 09876) in the credit cards and when i click tab after entering this value,the CVC No changing to 98768 as it is ignoring zero,but my client wants to take zero in the beginning.

Please help me

Hi Dharmender,

this feild is standard feild or customize feild.

how long is the CVC No that you have.




And welcome to the user group. When you ask questions ALWAYS write which product your question is about. That means version and country of NAV database. Especially in your case it makes a big difference. Is it in a form or in a page (role-tailered/NAV 2013)?

Is this field a custom field or a standard field? And what data type is it using (check in the table)? To do what you’re trying to it must be either text or code. You cannot show leading zero’s if it’s integer or decimal.

Thank you Erik,

It is a custom field ,

for custom Your Reply makes me clear and i got the solution for this issue.if it is a standard field then what is the solution,please me reply and

with my next post i will follow each rule which you are explained

What is the Data type of field?

If you “got the solution” then please tell us all what the solution was.

And still also tell us which product/version the problem was about.