Testing Performance of a new Storage System

Hi, we have a new storage system as a test position. I want to test the performance with this new storage system and compare the performance with the current system. Which is the best way for this request ? Thanks in advance

It really depends what you want to test? I am guessing you want to quantify how much faster or slower this new system will be. In reallity its a pretty big task to do comprehensively, but if all you want is to qualify it as a replacement for an existing systme, then a real world test is going to be the easiest. I.e. set up a duplicate system, and do identical transactions ont he new ssytem, and bench mark them.

I was rahter thinking of a solution that books automaticly some invoices and to benchmark them. My consultant advised me to start a huge transaction and to use the client monitor from the client. Have you a better idea? [?] Thank you [;)]

I am guessing you to be the “IT guy” for a Navision end user, is that correct? What is the change you are making, are you trying to make it bigger, or is it something different, (like a SAN or something). Basically what results are you interested in? Raw write performance, version principle stability, sorting and flow field calculations? these things all need to me measured differently.

PS I am assuming this is NAtive Navision database, and not SQL?

Yeah, I am the “it guy” I have tested the new Storage System with Navision and SQL-Server. I have made some calculations and have calculated the duration with c/al in old and new system. regards

Can you explain what you are trying to achieve, (not how you want to do it). Are you trying to evaluate the difference between Native Navision and SQL performance? If so you are going about it the wrong way.