Testing Keys in version 4

I’ve just done a test upgrade from 3.70 to 4 on a SQL db and as part of the post upgrade routine i’m doing a database test. However the ‘Testing Keys’ is taking ages (About 2 hours so far and it’s crawling at 85%). It’s a small database around 1 gb which has only been live for a few months. The testing keys is going slowly even on tables with no data in. Has anyone experienced this or have any ideas what’s causing it? Thanks Stoo

Is it taking longer in 4.00 than in 3.70? This is always a long process, so maybe you just didn’t compare it to how long it took in the past.

I just received a “standard database” nav 4.00 from a solution center. I though: let’s make a standard test and I did it: Result was that the test did found errors but without telling me where or which. In previous versions the objects were marked if I remember well. So my question: do I have to worry?[:P] About Navision? About the solution center? About me?[:D] Test was no longer[8D]

No I think in earlier versions it just gave an error message at the first error. By the way, an error in a key is pretty major, and needs to be addressed. At the minimum, backup delete database, new database, restore. If its a production database you also want to check your network and hard drives to find out what went wrong.