Testing Databases (not Cronus)

In testing a database, I receive numerous “Warnings” when the Maximum test is conducted (Test field relationships between tables) and it looks like the relationship is between the Dimension & Customer Tables (Dimensions & Customers “do not exist”) however, the database functions properly without any problems in the transactions. Anyone have thoughts on this. Thanks.

I have never seen a database in Navision that could run the “test key relations” without error. It is a very silly thing for them to put in Navision, when the base application does not even allow it to work. In my opinion, just untick the option on testing, it will never give you a useful result.

In the upgrade guide it says something like ‘run a full test on the database, consider if any errors will interrupt the upgrade process’. I have been upgrading a number of customers recently so I read those words carefully.

Navision allows the deletion of primary key fields, they have not implemented (not yet? implemented) delete flags on tables. For example, you are allowed to delete dimension values, but a subsequent test of the GL entry table will complain like mad.

Therefore I conclude that Navision does not use ‘referential interity’. We have foreign key relationships, but no more. We have a referential integrity checker by uilizing the DB Test.