Testing configuration

As a new navision customer, we are considering how to setup a testing environment. Our first thought was to have separate servers and databases. Would it be just as secure to do it with separate companies in a single database. I didn’t want to hurt anything in production by doing something stupid in test. Thanks.

Yes, You can setup additional company (if you bought it). If you do not have additional company you can setup additional server but you will need change hosts and services files on all client workstations. Valentin Gvozdev BMI Inc.

Two possibilities: 1. Use an additional company on your existing server, if you want to test the results of posting, data changes, … (everything related to data) 2. Use an additional server, if you want to test new objects, changed functionality,… before importing in your live system. Because importing in the live system will change the objects for every company (including your live companies) and maybe the results are not what you expected them to be… Joerg R Feldhofen KUMATRONIK Business Solutions Houston, TX

Thanks, another person pointed the object testing consideration. Since that is part of what I would be doing, I will go with two servers.

You can actually set up a second server session on your primary server. This is allowed within the Navision license agreement, as I understand it. You can then copy you newest version of your data to the database resident on the testserver and apply the new/modified objects there and test without affecting anything on your production database. The problem with an additional company is that if you have a lot of data entered that your are going to use for testing on your live company, you have no practical way in which to copy it. Allen Beck President Beck Consulting Alameda, CA & Bellevue, WA allen@beckconsulting.com 800-456-8474