Test tools on the Business Process Level

We are working on an implementation of Axapta in a regulated pharmaceutical GMP Environment. Therefore we have to do a lot of Validation work. Among others we have to process and document Validation-Tests at the Business Process Level e.g. Acceptance and Functional tests. We are not looking for unit programm code testing tools or similar). Any proposals for Test tools which could support us in processing and documentation the Test at the Business Process Level in Axapta. Thanks.

Hi, I would probably recommend that you wait for the next Service Pack release - June 2005, I believe. Then the Pharma/Life Science solution for Axapta would be released by Microsoft. This release includes a lot of documentation on processes and validation performed by NNIT in Denmark. Regards, Henrik Jaeger

Hi, if you find any tools regarding valiation of Axapta would be cool if you can share with me… thx Pirmin