Test environment

Hello :slight_smile:

I Think i did a really stupid thing. I have been setting up my company in the test company (CRONUS Denmark). I didn´t knew it was a test company, so i just startet to implement my chart of accounts, postings, creditores and debitores.

Can i just keep on using the test environment as my company, or do i have to create a new company and start all over?

I really hope that i somehow can keep on using the data, because i put a lot of time in it :-/

I have people from my navision hosting company calling tomorrow, but i am anxious to know, wether all my work was a waste of time :frowning: (Stupid me)

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Hi! Do you have 2 different databases (test and live) or 1 database with Cronus Denmark on it?

Assuming you have one database (live) and 1 company (Cronus Denmark) and you want to make Cronus Denmark live (so you are not posting test transactions in it) then you can rename the company. Instructions on how to do this (easier in Nav 2009 Classic) below:


If you have posted test transactions and want a clean start, you need to start again unless you have completed a company (not full) backup of the Cronus Denmark company. Instructions on how to do this below:


Make sense?


Hello Neil.

It makes sense, but im not sure wether my database is live or test. Can i somehow check it?


Then you probably have only 1 database so treat as live. You only really need a test database for testing any object changes. So not required for transaction testing on standard Nav - like for example testing your General Posting Set up configuration. For this just create a test company on your database to test transactions.

Hope that makes sense.


Ok. Thank you very much, Neil. I think that i am homesafe and dont need to start all over :slight_smile: