Test Case

How to Achieve Following Test Case :

I have Cyllinder, Which Needs to Filled Up Every Month…Now How to Optain this Operation as There are two Items Parallely Worki together everymonth 1. GAS and 2. Movement of Cyllinder.

Everymonth Cyllinder Goes out and Get it Refilled with GAS and Comes Back…so How to Handle this in AX 2009.

Please, if anyone knows,then Explain in Detail.

Thank You.

How you have defined the Cylinder and Gas…

Hi Kranthi,

I Want to Do it From Scratch, Starting From Item Creation to do this Operation. I have not defined anything Yet…Still need to Create Everything.

So do the company want to track the cylinder?

two lines on the PO for the cylinder, book the negative line when the cylinder goes out. Alternatively move the cylinder on a transfer order to a vendor location.

It really depends upon the companies business and accounting processes…

Hi Adam, It is not the Business Requirement, But We have Created So Many Test Cases…this case is One of them,

I Don’t Know how to Consider GAS + Cylinder, One is Physical Item and One is None Physical Also One is Consumbale and One is not Consumable.

and Movement of Consumable + None Consumable things.

Can you Explain me From the Scratch Please ?

Thank You.

It depends what YOU want ultimately, or if not you the customer.

I would have the empty and full as different item numbers. Purchase the full one from the supplier with a negative line for the movement out of the empty cannister. You will need to book the canister in when it is empty but this depends how it is emptied.

Of course you could treat gas as an item, and the cannister separately.

It all depends upon what controls and reporting mechanisms you require.

As this is simply your test and your requirement, you can do what you want. Not sure why you have a test you are not sure how to process though.

I got this Case from a Friend, Who wanted to check How Axapta does this Transaction.

I found that it has something related to Supplimentary Items.

It’s not that whether it is relevent or not, but You should always try such cases to enhence Knowledge.


I am not against trying cases, but first you need to understand the base software and apply the possibilities to your case. Spplementary items are no different to standard items and have to be manually triggered, but would work if the business practice is implemented. I suggest you try all alternatives - they all work, but whether they work for a customer with this will depend ultimately on what the customer wants to achieve. You could also use subcontracting in production depending upon the requirements.

I Have Tried… the Problem is How the Cannister will move time to time. Say Everymonth It has to Go Out and Comes back But with the Diffrent Varaint. as Cannister Go out of Premises Empty and Comes in Refilled.

so How to Handle this kind of Scenario ?

Please Help and Suggest,

Thank You.