Terminal Server with Six different Countries

Hi All, I’ll try to explain my scenario: We are working on an international project that involves six different countries (Austria, Bulgaria, Rep. Czech, Hungarian, Slovak, Rumania). We have all databases on a single SQL Server 2000 (windows 2003) with six different collations. We have to install all six navision client on the same Windows 2003 Terminal Server with Multilanguage Package. I managed the users profile in order to assign them the right language settings. Unfortunately when I try to connect to a database with a different codepage from the local server settings (“Language for non-Unicode programs”) I find some bad char in navision label and data, due to a wrong conversion. Can anyone help me to solve this problem? Thanks in advance, Cristian

We have a similar arrangement of 5 countries from 1 SQL Server and a variety of Terminal Servers but we do not have the problem you describe with codepages. I suggest that you search the forum for codepage. You will find a good explanation of the how Navision functions with the local system codepages. For example http://www.mbsonline.org/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=8516&SearchTerms=codepage

Hi Jonathan, Do you have the five countries on the same terminal server? Do you have any Country with oriantal char? thanks for your help, Cristian

I have not used terminal server, BUT I have used Citrix for similar. Direct access to files in Germany from California, USA was unacceptably S_L_O_W. What we finally ended up using was to use Citrix. A Citrix client on the PC, connected to a Citrix server in Germany, which then accessed the file server in Germany. While not ideal, that gave us usable performance. Gud Luk Gary oops…sorry, I reread your question and realized it was codepage related, not performance/response time.

Hi Cristian, Are you making good progress? At the moment we use 2 terminal servers to support the countries. We experience perfromance issues when we have more tha 50 users on a server. We have found performance problems for period-end processing when there are many users both entering data and creating reports. Now, we are testing a product from DELL that allows us to build Virtual Terminal Servers so that we can isolate each country. This software manages more resources than Windows and is looking very good for live implementation. We do not support any countries with oriental character set.

So you are running version 3.70 and turned ‘Validate Code Page’ off?

Hi everybody. Our situation is really similar, and we also are experiencing problems with character sets. In detail, we’re Italy based: one Navision and SQL Server, one terminal server , 4 different countries, two of them western european

Can you please gime me again the link you specified about system codepages? I tried to open but it seems wrong or out of date

Thanks, Federico

Hi Fredrico,

unfortunatley we lost a lot of links when the site was moved. The information is sitll here though. Please look at this search page and I am sure you will find the answer: