Tender Removal Error.


A cashier at a POS does a mistake of doing a tender removal twice.EG

Remove Tender Cash: $50

Remove Tender Cash: $50

Tender Removal Total: $100

Is there any way to remove the extra tender removal from the POS. I have tried voiding the transaction/ receipt, but the system prevented that action saying that only sales transaction can be voided.

What can I do to rectify this?

Statement for the day is waiting to be posted pending the solving of the above problem.

Many thanks in advance,


Hi Khai,

First I would say that is not a development issue, so this post is probably in the wrong forum.

The next thing I would say is to call the support desk of your provider for LS Retail and ask for their solution to your issue.

Its been a few years (4 actually) since I have done POS work with LS retail; but I noticed that your post had gone unaswered, so I thought I would reply.

Sorry I can’t give you a solution.


Hi Khai,

Tender removal means removing cash from the register. So if you want to reverse a tender removal, that means putting cash back into the Register. You can create a Phantom Item for this. E.g. Selling a Phantom Item, and putting the cash back into the Register.

Of course, you need to implement the proper security to sell this Phantom item, as it is meant for correction to the Cash Register.


Hi Jordi,

If I were to create a phantom item and “sell” it on the POS, what would the impact be on Finance? Would there be repercussions on inventory too?

Accountants could question such a move, right?