Tenant certificate error on new NAV instance

Thanks Erik again. Now, I just got it, the same Application database, in fact , I don’t need to export tenants and import tenants, I just need to create a new nas with the same application database.

But I got a problem, when i installed all nav software and finished the configurateion, i got such a pb.

The Senrio of mine is : i need to do the load balancer, i create the same NAS connect to the database .

Any suggestion will be warmly appreciated.

(Admin: Question split of from How to export tenants from one server to another server?)

Hi Gary,

What do you mean by NAS? In NAV 2016 the NAS (Navision Application Server) is an integrated part of each service instances. It’s not like with the classic versions, where you setup the NAS service separately.

If you need another instance (for load balancing), then you would need to install a new server instance.

yes, Erik, this is a new server instance, just connect the same application database. And I create certificate and install nav 2016 step by step, after that, I configurate the new instance, I got the error.

The certificate error in question is not the server certificate used for IIS, it’s the encryption certificate for the tenant.

At least according to the error message “Tenant could not be mounted due to the following error: Unable to decrypt data. The data was encrypted using a different key.”

Are you able to access the same tenant from the other server? If my understanding of this is correct (I’m surely not an expert when it comes to certificates), then this certificate NAV needs to decrypt the data.


HI ERIK, Thanks, I got it, because it used a different key, I just exported the key from original server and import into the new servers, the NAS works.