Temporary Table

Dear all,

I want to use a Temporary table in one of my Report.I want to insert data into it and then view data!!!

I just set my Record Variable property to show it as Temporary Table.

Anybody please tell me, where is this Temporary Table Reside in the client machine also how to access data from it?

I w’d appreciate if anyone can answer it


This data is accesible from everywhere you can acces the Record variable you defined as temporary table Rose.

ok , Thanks. But how can I see the data in that Temporary Table ? Where is this Table get stored? what is its Path?

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I’m not 100% on this issue but I’m quite sure this is not stored in a database table like others (Customer, Sales Orders, etc…), this is allocated in memory, so you can just acces the info while the var exists in execution…

ok thanks…![Y]

So i need to keep the table in both server and client ,right?also, the data? then what its usage?[:O]



I don’t really understand this… if you create the variable for the temporary table on a form, you will be able to acces it’s records throw the “life” of this form, therefore this info is not on the server, it’s in the client machine memory, if this is what you mean.

What is the usage?: take a look to Codeunit 80 where a TempSalesLine var is used. Hope it helps !!

Temporary tables are not physically stored anywhere, they are kept in the computer’s memory within the scope of the current process, and it gets deleted when the variable goes out of scope. You will not be able to read a temporary table in someone else’s session. So if I fill a temporary table on my computer, you will not be able to read from it.