Temporary Table in Navision

Dear all,

I want to use a Temporary table in one of my Report.I want to insert data into it and then view data!!!

I just set my Record Variable property to show it as Temporary Table.

Anybody please tell me, where is this Temporary Table Reside in the client machine also how to access data from it?

I w’d appreciate if anyone can answer it


If you are adding information to a temporary table WITHIN the report you want to output it from:
One way: you need to add a section of the INTEGER table somewhere after you have completely filled your temporary table and filter the INTEGER in the section OnPreDataItem on the number of records written into the temp. table. Do a temptable.FINDSET in this section. Then you loop through your temp. table, doing a temptable.NEXT if the integer is unequal to 1…

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