Templates wizards for production

Hello forum! I was always entering data into AX directly from the masters, but I’m required this time to upload production information from templates, I’m going to do this templates for BOMTable, ProdBOM, ProdRoute… but I don’t know if I’m going to forget any table and make some relations failed…

Does anybody have experience on this topic with everything related with Production, which tables I MUST to include? The customer has Production II

Thanks a lot!!

The easy way is to use all tables starting with BOM, ROUTE and WrkCtr…

you need

BOM version / BOM / BOMTable

WrkCtrTable / ROUTEtable / ROUTEversion / ROUTE / ROUTEOprTable / ROUTEopr

WrkCtrTaskGroup / WrkCtrTaskGroupLine if applicable

watch out with the invent dimensions for de BOM lines… cause you solud use a cod already created in InvetDim

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

You might also want to look out for :

  • Route Table, Route Version, Route Opr Table, Route & Route Opr