Template and Batch usage, Generrated Zup Related Problem in General Journral & Payment Journal

@ All Dynamics Developers and Experts,

I have used Template and Batch for the vouchers in my Company.

>>General Journal Template: PNR001-HQJ PNR001 - Head Quarter Journal Voucher

>>General Journal Batch : PATRUSH R Patrush Rai (Journal Voucher) G/L Account PNR001 PNR001-HQJ PNR001-POS


Scenario::: Now Sometime when user is creating General Journal or Payment Journal, when he takes his cursor to the last Line after the record then there is a error message

ERROR:: <General Journal Batch Does not Exists, Identification Fields and Values, Jouranl Template Name = ‘*’, Name, '’>
→ Once this message is generated the user cant even open his related General Voucher/ Payment Voucher

Temporary Solution: But when i Delete the Zup file and again connect the system then this error is GONE. But again any any point of time this may occur.

Scenario: This is Occurring for all the Clients that are using Navision form the icrosoft Dynamics NAVISION Server(SQL DATABASE).
The Code in the ONOPENFORM Trigger is like this…

BalAccName := ‘’;

OpenedFromBatch := (“Journal Batch Name” <> ‘’) AND (“Journal Template Name” = ‘’);

IF OpenedFromBatch THEN BEGIN

CurrentJnlBatchName := “Journal Batch Name”;




GenJnlManagement.TemplateSelection(FORM::“General Journal”,0,FALSE,Rec,JnlSelected);

IF NOT JnlSelected THEN



Are every user is using same batch ???

Thanks for the response…
We have around 50 users in different location in different departments. So we have assigned them different template and batches.

But the Users assigned with same project use same Template but Different Batches. So they first they select their common Template and then select their respective Batches to go to their respective General Voucher/ Payment Voucher.

So Answer to your question is No. Every User is using their own Batch name… Batch name is something like this. .


I feel you should have create batches under one template only

Yes, i think your concept is absolutely correct.

But here we have too many projects and so we have created Templates for a group of people using the same project and so they all can fill in their Vouchers under same Template number so that they can later get reports under same Template.
I am not getting any idea how i can manage all of them under one template. and how can i manage those groups.

Though ill try using a singe Template and let you know the outcomes. And would appreciate any solution for above mentioned problem.

Thank you very much.

You can create different batches under on Template .

As well as you can do some customization for showing users own batch to him only so he/she need not to select the same.

I’am Try the both of your ideas.
I’ll post my results.


@ Amol,

I filtered the batches according to the user. its still not working…
When he opens the batch then… the page of payment voucher is there but when he goes to new like then the Same error is generated and the page closes.

This was the same case for a Single Template - Single Batch User(initially). But once the Zup File Gets deleted, the problem is solved.
Cant Figure out the problem.

Note: This error is not generated always… but once it is generated. there is no Escape…