temp table trouble

Hi all,

I have a method of a class that gets passed empty table objects and in that method a temp table of the same table does the appropriate calculations. The trouble is when I try to assign the temp table to the table object that was passed to the method, it won’t assign anything to the object even though the temp table has data. I think it has to do with the difference between temp table scope on the three tiers. Here is an example of the code:

void createTmpData(PriceDiscTable _price, PriceDiscTable _discount, …)


PriceDiscTable price, discount;




/******* calculations performed ********/

/* Trouble Spot */

_price.setTmpData(price); // price has data and _price doesn’t get the data.

_discount.setTmpData(discount); // discount has data and _discount doesn’t get the data.


Any ideas? Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.


Also I am calling the method above like so:

void myClassMethod()


PriceDiscTable tmpPriceTable, tmpDiscountTable;

MyOtherClass priceDiscAnalysis;




priceDiscAnalysis.createTmpData(tmpPriceTable, tmpDiscountTable);


if the above code you are using in job.

Temp Functionality:

the presently created record will inserted into particular table.becoz you setting through code that table as temporary.which means data is not persisted the table buffer.while opening the table that data will be deleted

  1. if u want to show that data into form so you write that code in datasource level. that to init method of datasource.