Temp Table in ax 2009

Hi ,

pls help me

How to create a Temp table in sales Table and sales Line table .

and filter the records in temp tables.

pls give me a query and any answer.

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The following link might help you




Hi Thomas,

i have another doubt.am created temp table but after inserting record if i open my form throw the error.

error:: Cannot create a record in Sales orders (temptable). Sales order: SO-100049, .

The record already exists.

how to Delete the records in TempTable.

i have also set my temptable property to Yes.

i have tried my code " temptable.clear();".

Pls help me.



if you have the message records already exist, your table is not temporary, did you use the correct table as target to be filled,

I don’t understand your question “how to delete records in temp table”, do you mean fill the table then delete particular rows? if so, you don’t have the correct logic, try to filter records when filling table

please check your code and tell me