Technical upgrade to NAV 2016 Failed: $NavIde was not correctly set

Despite all this PowerShell’ing was first introduced with NAV 2013, then it’s until now been one of those things, that I have postponed learning. Too busy with many other things. But now I cannot postpone it any longer.

I’m currently working on an upgrade of a NAV 2013 R2 with minimal changes. Running the application upgrade powershell scripts only came up with one conflict, in a report not no longer used in the setup. So far so good.

And the changes didn’t require changing in the upgrade toolkit. The version I’m upgrading to is NAV 2016 CU1, using the Danish localization upgrade toolkit included with this version. And the powershell cmdlets from this version.

When I’m running the example.ps1, after carefully customizing all the settings in the Set-PartnerSettings.ps1 file, then I get this error:

Technical upgrade to NAV 2016 Failed: $NavIde was not correctly set. Please assign the path to finsql.exe to $NavIde ($NavIde = path).
Script stack trace:
at Invoke-NAVDatabaseConversion, C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Dynamics NAV\90\RoleTailored Client\Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.Ide.psm1: line 734
at , C:\NAV90.DK.CU\WindowsPowerShellScripts\Upgrade\HowTo\HowTo-UpgradeNAVDatabase.ps1: line 167
at Execute-UpgradeTask, C:\NAV90.DK.CU\WindowsPowerShellScripts\Upgrade\HowTo\HowTo-UpgradeNAVDatabase.ps1: line 408
at HowTo-UpgradeNAVDatabase, C:\NAV90.DK.CU\WindowsPowerShellScripts\Upgrade\HowTo\HowTo-UpgradeNAVDatabase.ps1: line 323
at , C:\NAV90.DK.CU\WindowsPowerShellScripts\Upgrade\Example.ps1: line 7

I have search everywhere for this setting everywhere. The $NAVUpgrade_IDEModulePath in the partnersettings has been set.

Any ideas?

I got to think that I had not rebooted since I installed NAV 2016 CU1. Rebooting solved it!

It seams that Powershell could not use the new NAV version until after the reboot. Or something like that.

Now it failed just before it was to import the new objects. This powershelling is a whole new world to me! [:)]