Technical Issue about MS Dynamics AX4.0->Inventory Closing


I’m JBLee and working at the AXi4CNS as MS Dynamics AX local Partner
We have a critical issue of the inventory closing perfomance based on the AX4.0
Our customer has dissatisfaction of inventory closing process and duration.

Detailed inform is as follows:

  1. Monthly Inventory Closing duration: more than 15days

  2. Inventory transaction: more than 60,000 transaction

  3. Inventory settlement : more than 2,500,000

  4. Server Org & Spec
    4.1 DB Server
    Hardware: Dual core Cpu 4,Memory 4GA, Disk 6EA (Data part : Raid 1+0)
    Software: OS - Windows 2003 Enterprise
    DB - Windows SQL Server 2005 STD
    4.2 Application Server: Multi AOS
    1st AOS: Normal Service
    2nd AOS: Only Inventory Closing

  5. Data Size: 11GB

  6. Inventory closing option

  7. Maximum throghputs: 100

  1. Minimum throghputs adjustment: 0.01
  2. Minimum settle qty percentage: 0.01
  3. Minimum settle amount: 0.01

7 Symptom of Inventory closing after recalculation
7.1 Begining: about 100 settlements/sec
7.2 after 1hour: 30 settlements/sec
7.3 after 3hours: 3~4 settlement/sec
As time passes the inventory closing performance comes to be slow.
Also Some data is conflicted when we run the M.I.C

  1. We tried some solutions
    8.1 Index rebuild
    8.2 M.I.C
    8.3 Clean up the Settlement
    This appendix is about inventory settlement of Oct. inventory closing
    You can see, the settlement is happened that Aug. PO receipt transactions(Same InventtransID).
    Maybe, If the inventory closing logic of MS Dynamics AX4.0 is right, as time passes, Number of settlement is more increasing,
    and the closing needs a lot of time.

To improve the inventory closing performance, Pls, give me solutions or advices ASAP.
we and our coutmers are eagerly waiting for your apply.

if you want to receive the detailed information & file, pls let me know your e-mail address.


Appendix 1)

select InventTransId,count() Closing date : 2009-10-31
from InventSettlement
where transdate >= ‘2009-10-01’
and transdate < ‘2009-11-01’
and cancelled = 0
group by InventTransId
order by count(
) desc

InventTRansId Count
00209460_054 8093

We had the same problem. and we tried the same solutions. But still the same. I wonder if you could find another solution?


i need to generate one report…i need tax code,taxamount in item line wise…how to fetch the tax code,tax amount,from sales register purchase register ?

use TaxTrans_IN table…