Tech specification for Nav 3.60

Hello to all! Maybe someone can answer my question… Navision Attain 3.60 Database - native Database size - 15GB Users/connections - 15 Server : Windows 2000 advanced server CPU - Xeon 2.8 x 2 RAM - 3GB HDD - SCSI-320 RAID1 76GB Is that hardware enough for smooth operation? Is there some concrete recomendation for optimal configuration? I’ve read “Tuning Navision for better performance. Rev.5”, but there everything is related to SQL server configuration. Thanks in advance fro any reply. === O-o-ps. It seems it is wrong tree :-0 Very sorry

There are loads of topics on this forum that have the info you would need, but in a nutshell the more disks the better! Server spec in general looks fine. 2 x CPU - 1 CPU would have been enough. 3Gb RAM - 2 GB would have been enough Not much info on the HDD configuration except RAID1 76GB, which is the most important aspect of performance You probably want something similar to the following: 2 x 18Gb for OS (Raid1) 4 x 36Gb for Navision (Raid1) = DB split to 7Gb per db part (Adequate scenario) The Navision guidelines recommend 2GB per database part (last time I checked for 3.60), but in your case (15 users) that is probably overkill cos that would mean: 2 x 18Gb for OS (Raid1) 16 x 18Gb for Navision (Raid1) = DB split to 1.9Gb per db part (Ideal situation!) Of course, adjust to allow for future growth, and perhaps space for taking a hotcopy of the database. edd