Tech specification for Nav 3.60

Hello to all! Maybe someone can answer my question… Navision Attain 3.60 Database - native Database size - 15GB Users/connections - 15 Server : Windows 2000 advanced server CPU - Xeon 2.8 x 2 RAM - 3GB HDD - SCSI-320 RAID1 76GB Is that hardware enough for smooth operation? Is there some concrete recomendation for optimal configuration? I’ve read “Tuning Navision for better performance. Rev.5”, but there everything is related to SQL server configuration. Thanks in advance fro any reply.

Yes that is enough. Give the db server a cache size of 800 MB. Regards,

The other thing to look at is disk configuration. How is the 76GB configured (how many drives) and what is put on what drives. Depending on what you do, a single 76GB drive is going to have POOR performance, too much head contention. Gary

For more details along the lines of Gary’s suggestion, I recommend you read Chapter 6 “Advanced Performance Issues” of the pdf file ‘w1w1ism.pdf’ located in the Doc folder of the Navision Product CD. If/when you split the db into separate files, be sure to carefully follow the steps outlined in section 3.8 of that document, titled “Expanding a Working Database”. [ Edit – fixed pdf doc name…[B)] ]

Remove one of the CPUs, even though it will SLOW the system down only an immesurable amount, its just stupid having it there. (and if the existing CPU is more than a Pii 200Mhz, then its overkill). RAM, you only need 1 Gb, so get rid of the other 2. Now, on the money you save on ram and CPUs, buy more hard disks, since you don’t have enough. How do I know? I just do, you never have enough drives. ou 15 users is pretty small, but still you should have at least 8 physical drives in raid 1 to handle the 15 Gb, and to allow for growth, 10 would e better. (thats not including the OS drive).