TDS is wrong calculate


I have this scenrio i want to calculate TDS on Base Amt + Service Tax , but the TDS is calculating only on Base Amt

Means Base Amt : 1000 , Service tax : 12.36 , TDS : 1 % , now TDS amt coming : 10 ( which is wrong)

it should come like this : Base Amt 1000 , Service tax : 12.36 , TDS : 1% , TDS amt : 11.23 ( Which is right).

can any one has idea, how to acheive this.



In structure there is field called include tds you need tick that also for the same

Now tax is calculating but showing this error, while posting the PO

Service type(Rev. Charge) must bein purchase Header document Type=Invoice No=718100”

I think patch is not properly migrated . Kindly get it check with consultant.