TDS Decution on price inclusive Service Tax


Can someone suggest me how can i calculate TDS on amount including Service TAX. Also need to devide service tax in proportion in “Service provider” and “service receiver”.

To what i remember there used to be a check mark in the structure details table as Include in TDS Base.

Did you tried that for service tax structure, placing a check mark in Include in TDS Base.

Dear MAnish,

I am trying to post through General Journal and not able to find this check.


It will be Include Serv. Tax in TDS Base in General Journal.

I have tried but correct amount is not calculated.

Ex: amount =100, Service tax=10, Total amount=110,

TDS should be on 110 but TDS base amount is showing RS. 100 means TDS amount is not being calculated on base amount +service tax amount.

Is this entry for payment to vendor ?

Is it an advance payment, where you have check marked service tax on advance payment !

Yes, This is payment entry.

Which version are you trying this.