TCS for Scrap / TDS for Direct TAX

Hi All,

Can Anyone tell please, How to Sell Scrap from Ax 2009, with TCS.

Is there any work around or any procedure to follow to sell the scrap ?

Also Would like to same for TDS Calculation for Sub contracting.

Thank You.

Activate TCS and do the necessary setups, do a Free Text invoice (for non stock) .

If you follow the standard process of subcontracting in ax, from the production a Purchase order will be raised to the service item(service cost) - do your tds setups and activate it for the vendor.

Bur How can we Calculate TCS on Excise and VAT.

Scenario :

Raw Material is MS Sheet, When It is Drilled or Under process, It Creates Scrap, The MS Sheet which is Purchased is Paid Excise TAX, now the Scrap which Comes from the Process on MS Sheet, Needs to be Sold, and Again it is MS so that the Excise cab be Claimed Back.

So how to Calculate TCS with Excise and VAT.