I am currently installing Navision 4.03 and I am getting a connectivity error “The TCP/IP connection’s ‘host’ is not answering (TCP/IP error ECONNREFUSED)” so I am not being able to access the Navision database through TCP or TCPS.

The configuration I used to install the service is the following:

“PATH:\SERVER.exe” servername=servidor, nettype=TCP ,database=PATH\DB.fdb, cache=900000, commitcache=yes, installasservice

The service is installed succesfully but when I go Into Navisiom / Open database and type the server IP address or name I get this error.

Strange thing is that it used to work when I had Navision 3.70 installed and everything worked perfectly with this service configurations.

Would anybody have an idea of how could I fix the error?.

Thank you.


Hi Miguel,

Firstly, Welcome to the Dynamics User Group !

Sounds like you are doing an upgrade - did you upgrade the Database Server service from 3.70 to 4 SP3?

I’m assuming that you can ping the server “servidor”


You are correct in both points, I am doing an upgrade and I can ping…

I think it might be a problem with the service. But don’t know any other way to create it.

Hi Miguel,

Just to be clear - did you install the version 4 database server?

Is the service running?

Yes I did, Version 4.03 for North America

Hi Miguel,

To rule out connection problem such as firewalls etc, I usually test the connect to the service on the server first. Can you try this?

Please let me know how should I do this

Hi Miguel,

Install a client on the server and connect via the service as normal.

I do that! that is when I get the TCP/IP error