TCP/IP Connection Error

Hi Guys, I have two problems here with Nsvision 4.0. If anyone knows the solution, I’d be glad if you can share with me. (1) Problem 1 One of my customer’s Navision client face a problem. When a database is opened, the following error message appears: “The other end of the TCP/IP connection line has shut down the connection. Try to start the session again or get help from your system manager. Contact your system manager if you need assistance.” This client is connecting to a Navision Native database server. Ping of IP address and server name works just fine. (2) Whenever the user would like to make printing of documents or reports, the common Windows error message that says something like ‘… Windows encountered problem with Navision …’ with a checkbox for restarting Navision and ‘Send’ & ‘Don’t Send’ buttons. In some clients, it happens sometimes. But in one particular client it happens all the time. What could possibly the problem and solution? Appreciate your response. Thanks. Regards, Hadi Lai

Most probably: If this happens on a certain machine only: With best regards from the firewall. check if any firewalls are active at this port (If you are not sure, shut down the Firewall and retry. Maybe a reinstall of the Navision Client helps as well.

Problem 2 is probably caused because you don’t have the right printer driver installed. I’ve had that problem on a new laptop that I hadn’t put any printers on yet. As soon as I added just one printer (could be any dummy printer out of the default list in Windows) it worked fine.

1/ Some how you have lost connection to the Navision Server. Do not confuse this to loosing connection to the machnie that navsiion is running on. Ping is only telling you that the machine is running, it does not indicate that the Navision server is running, adn is replying on the required port. It could (as mentioned) be a fire wall issue. It could also be an issue wit a faulty network card or network connection. If the cleint is sending bad packets, (lots of them) then Navision may eventually give up accpeting them, and just give a server not available message. Aslo a common cause of this is a piece of software that is locking the Navision database incorrectly. And you are trying to conenct at a time when the DB is locked. The most common software to do this is anti virus or backup software. If you have anit virus or backiup software make sure that they are excluded from the Navisoin database, and that theere is no way they can access it. 2/ As Daniel mentions, it is a requirement that all Naviison cliens have at least one printer installed before Navision can run properly. Hope this helps.