tax invoice

do we have anything like Taxinvoice number…in ax 2009?

can we update that no or other fields on generation of tax invoice?

You can go thorough this link :

We don’t have tax invoice number in standard. But you can use sales invoice number which is system generated and is unique.

Some clients do ask for tax invoice instead of normal invoice. In that case you can modify existing SO invoice with required field.

If there is any other requirement, please share.



for modifing SO invoice we need to some custmizations like new form will get open while generating invoice to update other field.

am i right?

Not required. I was referring to modify the SO Invoice report because that is what we give to customers.

Is it required by client to give two separate invoices to their customers, one for sales invoice and other for tax?

I think modifying SO invoice report will serve the purpose.


Thanx pranav…:slight_smile:

Thanks pranav for this…information…

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