Tax amount is not changed when change the form code on sales document

Dear All,

I have a query regarding the indian taxation.

when i create a sales order header and select the form code as “C Form” and then i select the item on the line system calculate the pat as per the % on the tax details setup. But after created the header and line, if i change or delete the value on the form code then system is not changing the tax % based on the form code.but if i delete the lines and delete or change the form code and then create the line again it is calculated properly.

When i do the same activity on the purchase document, and change the form code system calculates the tax as per the form code selected.

I would like to know that is there any logic or purpose behind it as if it is calculated on the purchase document and not calculated on the sales document.

Thanks & regards in advance…

Check the setup in tax detail whether you have create a setup using Form Code

Dear Amol,

the setups are there and it is working fine. the problem is when i create a sales document header and update the form code then create the sales lines, system is calculating the correct tax percentage based on the setup.

for instance: i have 2 CST lines on the tax details. one is with C form and another one is without C form. the tax % with C form = 2% and the tax% without C form = 10%.

now when i create the sales order header and select the form code ‘C’ and then i create the sales order line with the amount 1000, system calculate the CST amount as 20 which is correct.

Now i go to the form code on the header and change the form code to blank then it should calculate the CST as 100. but system still showing the CST as 20. even if we click on the calculate structure values still the amount is not refreshed.

This particular thing is working in purchase document properly. hope now you have understood.

hope i will get a a reply soon from the experts…[:)]