Tash Scheduler / Job Queue NAV2018

I would like to get some insights on the complete story:

Until NAV2017, it seemd that I could control, which user runs which automatic jobs.

In NAV2018, it seems that the all users run all jobs, regardless if they have the permissions required or not.
I have errors in the log where a “Job Queue Entry” was processed by a random user 30 times within one minute (and always fails, obviously).

Target is:

I have two jobs to be scheduled:

  • Adjust Cost job (running nightly)
  • Communicate with external service to pull documents from a web service (every 10 minutes).

These jobs require certain permissions.
Therefore I scheduled the jobs with a certain user ID. Nevertheless, the job is picked up by a random user and processed in a background session.
Is that a bug or is the job queue useless for this type of automatic jobs?


I have the same question. How can we ensure that the job queue runs only with a specific user ID?. I tried to modify “Job Queue Entry” OnAfterModify event and scheduled task’s OnAfterInsert event to modify the user ID, but I get '“The task cannot be run because the user account that is assigned to run the task has been altered. The task has been canceled.” error. Much appreciated if anyone could help me.


To my best knowledge there have been to many issues with the jobquene and permissions. And therefore Microsoft changed it so on your servicetier that executes your job queues they are executed with admin rights.

Besides from that in what cases do you want a job to be runned as a specific user?

All good if the job queues are always executed with admin rights. Thank you!!!