TAPI Navision and incoming calls

Hi All, Please suggest me how can we identify the incoming calls in navision. And in case the number already exists in the CONTACTS, then the corresponding contact card pops up…

I believe there might be some interfacing software in existence for this.

Your suggestion/input are highly appreciated…

I’ve never had to use it and not knowing exactly how to use it, there is a codeunit called TAPIManagement - codeunit 5053.

This codeunit is in versions 4.0 & 5.0 in the UK. What version of Navision software are you using?

That codeunit’s it’s used to dials phone numbers from Navision. Usually supplier of card has an API to achieve what you want.


I am using NAV 5.0 and the codeunit mentioned by you is perhaps for outgoing calls, not for incoming calls…

I think a company called visionpeople have created something along those lines: