TAPI and Terminal Server

I know that there are TAPI-solutions that work in a normal attain-client but is there also solution that works over the Microsoft Terminal Server 2003???

Frasti, Did you ever get a solution for this? I’m looking for the same?

5 years ago i did something with TAPI. There are as far as my knowledge goes 2 types of situations you can have with TAPI: 1. The telephone is physical connected to the workstation. 2. The telephone is connected through a TAPI server. In both situation i can think of this as a sollution: You will have to expose the hardware to the terminal server. I dont think that is possible unless you write some kind of TCP/IP client/server program that forwards the TAPI events to the terminal server and back. Maybe there is a 3rd party software that already does this exact thing? In the 2nd situation you will use a TAPI server. This server has a configuration part that binds a telephone to a workstation (IP address if i remember well). What you can try is to find a sollution to manipulate the configuration of the TAPI server automatically when you connect so the IP address of the terminal server is bound to the client’s telephone. Hope i stated everything correct as i do not remember quite a lot of the specifics of TAPI and maybe there are other variants. I however think it is quite difficult unless you find some 3rd party applications. Regards, Jan-Pieter