Tallinn, Estonia


I am off to Tallinn next weekend, has anyone any recommendations for bars to visit? (It is a stag weekend). All suggestions will probably be investigated!


You need to contact Hen!!!

He is an Estonian MVP, and there is not too much about anything that he doesn’t seem to know.I am not sure if you met him in Cambridge? I will see if I can get contact to him, I am sure he will help out a fellow MVP.

PS Estonia, you mean that the British have found somewhere other than Prague for Stag nights? [;)]

Sorry, Henn with two "n"s


Tallinn is just not very nice to get to, 2 direct flights a day, the stag arrives 0145 Saturday morning!

Although I have been to Prague and can recommend it [:D]

[:)] But still better than Copenhagen - Bangkok. Just 4 times per week (with SAS - Wed.- to Sat.)! And I recommend Bangkok as well.