Talking to Navision

Hmm seems MSD is starting to want to talk to us, I found these two articles that may be of interest…

"Talking with Navision 1"

“Talking with Navision 2”

Those documents are really old. from 3.x version. I saw them a while back.

and? [:@]

It’s a good start! Let’s not discourage them.

Really old maybe, but fantastic that it is finally posted on MSDN. Thanks for the link.

Thanks for this. I did not consider looking at MSDN until now. Had to learn all teh MSMQ stuff the hard way and wish I had found this link (incl. the usefull screen shots) before.


Yes, I think my old collegue was a bit slow and missed the point. [:@] I think its great the MSDN is finally becoming a source for Navision help. With a million Navision users, Microsoft need to start seeing how many of them can become MSDN subscribers. After all even for a company the size of Microsoft, and a million clients, and $3,000 per subscription, its a decent market to tap.

I didn’t mean anything wrong with the link. It’s just that Navision introduced xml ports just for this reason and it would be a lot easier to understand. Also MS sells access to CustomerSource instead of MSDN right for Dynamics clients. So maybe in future they’ll combine the two. The two.

Here is a link to some webcasts.

OK, sorry I missunderstood, I thought you were making a remark that I shouldn’t be posting old information, so all’s fine then [:D]

I think its just great that slowly MSDN are acknowledging the existence of Navision.

Here is a partner source that actually shows it link

Here are other demo links

Thanks for the link. By the way (a good feedback comment, not a bad remark)

Please indicate type of link: Navision 4 sp1 or Navision 3.70 etc. This way, people will not ignore it assuming that its a 3.70 link.
The presentor on this one is using Navision 4. Thanks again.

The version was not really relevant. The important point of th elink, is that we are now seeing technical references to Navision on the MSDN site, this is a very important step forward for Navision, as MSDN opens up to a totally differnt user base than the other sites.

Of course if you have partner source and access to other sites, you may not see the siginificance, but having general Microsoft Developers (i.e. MSDN) seeing articles about Navision is a great move.