Take Long Time to Run Standard Financial Statements

Hello Forum,

I have setup financial statement (BS & PL) on AX 2012, both of them use a 12 date interval for each month, and I’m using option to print to excel file. Now when I try to run each report, it took more than 24 hours. And several times my AX client crash, the AOS need to restart. Is it a common to take long time when running report now? Since in the previous version (AX 2009), we print to screen not directly into excel file.

Are there anyone here has the same problem? Are there anything I can do, like increasing the buffer size or something, to minimize the time? Really appreciate any replies… Many Thanks…


What is the depth of your report? Is the report focused only on the ledger account or dimensions as well? Normally when ledger account only, generation of report having a 12-month period is no issue; max of 2 minutes to generate the report. But if the focus is ledgeraccount>dimension1>dimension2 and you are allowing all possible combinations to be generated, most likely it will not work. Another thing that I have encountered before is when there is an issue with the report, the system will hang and require AOS to restart.

I hope this helps in your trouble shooting.



Hey Guys

I am faced with exactly the same issue. where you able to work around this problem,

Do you think restarting the AOS would help?


this is a known issues for AX 2012. You can try directly save the files to excel and open it.

Recently the microsoft release the hotfix but i not so sure how much it can improve.