Tacit Knowledge Management in DUG

Dynamics Users Group (DUG) is a focus group with a lot of Tacit Knowledge1. There is the prevalent believe that our knowledge is not transferable. I am taking up a research work on this and it is on Tacit Knowledge Management in Business Solution Development industry.

This is a research work; and you opinion would be appreciated.

To participate, please, click on TK Management link belowm. in addition I would be grateful if you could forward the same to your professional colleagues.

TK Management

Thank you for your anticipated cooperation,


1.Tacit knowledge is the knowledge that we have but we do not often write down, it is displayed in our action and our professional activities, a simple example of this is shown in riding a bicycle (we show skills of control from unwritten knowledge we possess due to practice and time spent)

And exactly what is this?

When will your study terminate and will you post the results to this forum?

Tacit knowledge in a simple language is the professional inner knowledge. It is the knowledge that we have but we may not be able to put down in writing. e.g. on getting to a line of code we can easily figure out what will work and will not work in NAV

If this hypothesis could be proven;
a. it will help the professional keep track of their solutions; without having to worry about the documentation (this would be automated)
b. also it will enable us to make the solutions available to other professional at the adequate time

Currently our operations at DUG focuses on what could be explained by the professionals. This hypothesis seeks a solution beyond this and endeavour to capture the professional knowledge that we may not be able to explain but that could be delivered when we put our hands to work.

Each professional is endowed with Tacit Knowledge that goes with them when they leave an organisation. Some Tacit Knowledge surfaces when professionals are active on a project. The current development in technology indicates that part of the professional Tacit Knowledge could be salvaged for the organisation use and human posterity.

By participating in this research, we would be able to justify why more work should be carried out on this hypothesis or not.


The study terminates in September. This requested feedback will be used in the final write up.

I will be glad to make the result available to the forum.