how I can check an entire column in a table?

Can you provide more information on what you are trying to do? You post is too vague.

Open the table in Object designer and check the columns/fields …

i want to check all fields in the same time.

Your post is still too vague.

Do you want to copy & paste the entries in this column to excel or something?

Did you try to hide all columns but the one you want & then Ctrl-A?

From what I can gather from the conversation to this point, it sounds like you are trying to set the value of a Boolean field to True for all records in a NAV table, is that right?

You’ll need to do this in code, there are no features available to you in the user interface that will do this. Older versions of NAV offered a form of Search and Replace in Form objects, but even that feature would not work on a Boolean field.

I’d suggest creating a new form/page based on the table you’d like to change. Include only the fields you need to identify which records you’re working with (primary key fields, etc.) and of course, the field that you’d like to modify. Create an Action/Command Button. In the trigger for that control, add a MODIFYALL command. Look to the help file for syntax, but it basically goes this way …

Record.MODIFYALL(Field, NewValue [, RunTrigger])

That should do it. Hope it helps.

If it is about a boolean field - you can do a quick processing report.

Yourtable.boolean := true;


But if everything needs to be checked off then what’s the purpose of this field?