Tables : User , User Setup , User Personlization and Login

Hi Experts,

Can somebody tell me what is difference between table User and table Login?

I have seen that when I run form User Personalization and look up for User Id at that time it shows entry in Logins form whose source table is Login table. But when i am running Logins form separately it’s not showing any entry.

Same thing happening with User Setup Form. When i am look up for User id in this form its opening Users form and in that i also look up for user id it will also open up Logins form.

Is that mean that for all User related things are stored in Login table ? And if yes than when its not showing any single entry when i am running from Logins separately?

And one more question… Suppose i want to add any more field regarding any User like his birthdate than where should i add this field? In login table or User table or User Personalization or User setup?

Please give me proper details for this. I am very confused regarding this.

Its really surprised me that no one know about this!!! :frowning:

After a lot of thinking and discussion with colleague I have decided to add User related information in User Setup table.

Through debugging codeunit i have conclude that Lgin table is always empty . It’s fill up from User table and Windows Login table at runtime.

Yeah User table stores information about Database Login and Windows Login stores information for windows logins.

Correct me if i am wrong.

But still unanswered question why we are filling up login table dynamically? what is diff between User Personalization and User Setup table?