Tables in Navision

Dear Dynamics user group.

I am very new to Dynamics NAV and are using 2015 version.

I have a lot of postings from our old ERP system that i need to import to Navision. What do you think is the easiest way?

In the journal window, i can paste lines from my excel file. That is a possible solution, but i would prefer to export and import using excel (like i do with customers and chart of account using rapidstart tool).

Is it possible to use rapidstart to export and import postings into journals aswell? If yes, im not sure where to do it.

I really hope somebody can help me.

Thank you very much :slight_smile:


Hi! Yes it is. Just add table 81 to the rapidstart / data migration and select the fields you need. If you loading in opening transactions they you will need to include the usual fields (posting date, document date, account type, account number, description etc) as well as Balance Acc Type (G/L account) and Bal Acc No. (this will be the control account for the sub ledger for example for sales ledger this will be the Trade Debtors G/L account.

If you want to load in your own due dates include the field and switch off validation on document date.

Hope this helps.


Thank you very much for your answer. I really apreciate it.

Ive already tried to add table 81. But when i try to export to excel i get an error message saying that i need to add a “package Code”.

Im trying to add the default package code “BASICCONFIG”, but the cell remains blank, so the system wont let me choose the package code. Do you know how i can solve this problem?

Thank you very much Neil.


May be the licence you are using but then again…

Can you send me a screen dump of the error message so I can try and replicate the same issue on my local version of Nav 2015?


2148.Screen 05-28-2015 10-31-32.avi (2.09 MB)

Ive captured a video. The language is danish but you can see i try to add table 81 to rapidstart. Her you can see that i try to add “BASICCONFIG” in the field called “Package Code”, but nothing happens when i choose “BASICCONFIG” the cell remains blank.

I can see my video doenst work here, so i uploaded it to Youtube here:

Using Excel in rapidstart frequently cause problems due to mismatch in versions and languages. [:’(]

But - it is possible to enter data into Excel, mark&copy and then paste into a GenJournal.

It is crucial that the order of the columns in Excel and NAV’s GenJournal is identical.
This is because when data is pasted into NAV it is done cell-by-cell with validation.

Try it a small scale and determ if this is the way to go for you [H]

Thank you very much for your answer.

Copy and paste works fine, but i would prefer to do it via the rapidstart if possible (because i have a lot of transactions).

Excel and rapidstart works perfect on the tables that are already in! So im not sure excel is the problem. My problem is table 81. When i add table 81 to the rapidstart i have problems adding the “package code” as seen in the video.


Hi! Back in the office now so just looked at the video.

Do you have the same issue is you select Configuration packages from the menus rather than worksheet?



Screen shots showing what I mean at


Thank you very much Neil.

It helped. and i can just do it when i open the configuration package directly. I verified your answer as solution.

I have a new question. Can i post it here or do i need to make another post?

When im eksporting table 81 to excel, i get a lot of colums and details to fill about the journal lines that i want to import. But in the journal (if i open it in navsiion) and i dont have the same amount of colums.

Example there is several colums in the excel file with table 81 regarding VAT. But if i add journal lines directly in the journal in navision i have very few colums, and nothing regarding VAT.

What happens if i fill out some colums in the excel table 81 file, and import them to a journal where the same collums does not exist? In other words can i make sure that all the colums in the exportet excel file will be enforced when i import to a journal with very few collums?

Ive posted to screenshots, where you can se the collums in the excel file and the collums in the journal window.


Better on a new post! [:)]