Tables in gen ledger

HI ,

i am new to dyn.ax2009 functionality. I was given task to search for tables pertaining to ceratin fields such as current period, current yeaqr to date, last year to date, in general ledger.

How can i locate the tables corresponding to these fields, in general ledger module in AX 2009…

Can anyone help me how to solve this problem??

THank U,


Hi Uday,

To find table name, right click on form and click setup → Information → Edit. And check under data sources.

You cannot locate which fields are used in which tables. Instead you find which EDT/Enums were used in which tables. For this you would have to update cross reference (

I would strongly suggest a training course before starting with Ax 2009.


thanks for replying… i understud now how to trace tables,

But given some fields such as balance, budget for a report , how to pull tables of these fields??? CAn u provide suggestions?? Any information??

Some maybe calculated as you open the form if there is no reference as suggested by Harish, in these cases you need to talk to a developer to understand what is happening in each case.