Tables are not opening in AOT -- AX 4.0

HI All

I am working in the Ax 4.0 Support , this is the first time i am seeing the 4.0 environment… I have to see the data in the Ax 4.0 Tables… when i am opening the table Open option is diasable … may i know why it is not opening … wheni am expanding the tables i can see the methods and the fields of the particular table… only thing is i cant open the table…

Any one can give me the solution why it is not opening… Any licence is requires to open the tables in Ax 4.0…


In AX - 2009 you can see directly open table.

but In AX 4.0 you have follow like this.

on Table Right click and select Add-Ins → table Browser.

hope It will help you. :slight_smile:

HI PrasanKumar

Thanks for the reply… now i can open the tables with your solution …