TableRelation issue

Hi Group,

I’ve create a Table + Page Extension where 1 of the fields should have a table relation to another Table I’ve Created.

My Tables is called “Incident Error Type”, it has

  • 1 field of type Code[20] as its code.

  • 1 field of text Text[50] for its description

  • 4 fields of type boolean that allows the user to define what type of record it is. The 4 possibilities are “Internal Error”, “Customer Error”, “Vendor Error” and “Employee Error”

In the table extension, I have added 1 field called error type to which I’ve define the following TableRelation for testing purposes…

TableRelation = "Incident Error Type"."Error Type Code" where ("Vendor Error" = filter (= true));

I would ultimately like to have an if else clause for which the where clause would change depending on the value of another field but I cannot get this one to work properly.

Even though I have the where clause set to filter on Vendor error being true, the table displays all the results in the lookup screen. But if I select a value that is NOT a Vendor Error, it returns an error that the value cannot be found in the related table.

Any help would be appreciated.