Tablerelation between 2 fields of different types

Hi I have to make a tablerelation between 2 tables, connecting the fields ‘accounting period’. Problem is that in the parent-table the field is an textfield, while in the childtable it is an integer… I can’t change the type of the field in either one of the tables, because they are already heavily in use… What’s the best way to work around this ? Create a new integer-field in the parent table and modify the oninsert/onmodify-triggers of that table in order to copy the textfield to the integerfield ? Or is there a better solution ? thanks in advance

firstly I thought the primary key in Accounting Period was date? But anyway… Its always a hassle to link to anything other than the primary key in a table. There is a bug that I reported when they released Navision 0.9 !!! (yeah going back a while), and the error was still in 3.70, but I haven’t checked 4.00. This meant that you could not rename certain records if you linked to a secondary key. So… Its best to keep the link the the primary key in the parent, and create the new field in the child table. But going further, I really don’t see what the problem is that you are having, please be more specific

Thanks. I already solved it.

Could you share with us how you solved the problem? When users search for “tablerelation between 2 tables” they’ll find this post and a completed post would be nice. [8D] Thanks in advance.