Tablerelation betw. two tables doesn't quite work

Let’s say I have created two tables, T1 and T2. Primary Key of T1 is Brand, Modell, No.Doors, PriceCondition Primary Key of T2 is PriceCondition, Brand, Continent, Reseller Now I would like to establish a table relation on the field T1.PriceCondition to T2.PriceCondition where on lookUp it only shows me all entries with T1.Brand=T2.Brand AND T1.PriceCondition=T2.PriceCondition. My Entry in TableRelation of T1.PriceCondition reads: T2.PriceCondition WHERE (PriceCondition=FIELD(PriceCondition),Brand=FIELD(Brand)) For whatever reason, it keeps showing me all PriceConditions for the given brand. Does this have anything to do with keys? Any suggestions how to filter away the PriceConditions that I am not really interested in? Thanks.

Markus If i read you question right, then when you are entering the record on Table1 you do not know what the “Price Condition” is so you can only really filter on “Brand”.