Tabledata 2000000006 does not exist.

When trying to open a Navision 3.70 MS SQL server database the system instantly responds with the following message: Tabledata 2000000006 does not exist. (Company table) By using MS Enterprise Manager I have verified that the table accually exist. Restoring the same database in a new database works fine, but I would like to avoid this. The Navision setup is a bit special: It consist of 2 databases, one onboard a ship, one at an office with SQL-server replication between them. We have modified Navision quite a bit and it normally works fine. OS: Windows server 2003, SQL server 2000, Language English, US Database: Collation Danish-Norwegian_CS_AS. Anybody knows what can cause this problem. (I do not think it is access rights or code-page related).

Hi Otto, Have You checked that there is consistency between the object-table, and the Company-table. In the object-table You’ll find 2 records that tell which table-name that corresponds to ID=2000000006 (one record for the actual object, and one for the tabledata). If the records in the object table states that the table name is to be ‘Regnskab’ (Company i danish), and the corresponding fysical table is called ‘Company’, well then the error-message that you mention will come. This also explains why restoring works, since you’ll create both the Object- and the Company-table when creating the database. regards, Alexander