TableBox not displaying all records

I have a form which is filtered to just one record. I have a tablebox which has a couple of textboxes bound to the values in another table which is not filtered and has more than one record. The problem is that when the form opens, the tablebox does not display all of the records in table. It only shows one record. Is this because the sourcetable for the form has only one record? Is there a way round this without using a subform? I don’t want to use a subform because basically the values in the tablebox are from a temporary table which is populated using a form.function called before the form is opened. When setting a link for a subform into a form, I don’t know of a way of forcing the subform to use a recordset in the same way as you would when opening a normal form using SetTableView. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Roy.

Hmm - I’m not quite sure what you are trying to do. But - You are right, that the form will only show one record, if theres only one record in the source table. Could you try explaining what you want. perhaps an example? //Henrik Helgesen -: KISS::Keep it Simple, Stupid :-

It is a custom form for a telesales system. Basically, scheduled calls can have different actions based upon the call type. An ordinary scheduled call requires only a timestamp, so a simple card form can be used to update the record. In other cases, there is related data pertinant to the call type. In the example that I am trying to implement, a single call can have several related records in another table. Ordinarily I would use a sub form with a link based on the relation (call id). In this case, however, I need to add extra records to the related records before displaying to the user. These records are not to be saved in the related table however, as they are just for user information. For example: A call may have 10 undelivered part codes. Each of these part codes may have an alternative delivery part. It is this information that needs temporariliy adding to the related table before the undelivered list can be presented to the user. It is this that stops me using a subform because I can’t find a way of calling a subform with a temporary table! Thanks for your answer Henrik, if a tablebox is bound to the number of records in the table bound to the form then that explains things. I will redesign the form to use the temporary table as the main table. Thanks Roy.